Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to fight a parole

For any person hoping to block the parole of a convicted murderer and /or violent offender.

My fifteen year old brother James F. Connelly was brutually murdered in 1979. He was just a child.

Jimmy's head was almost decapitated, he was stabbed over 22 times in addition to his skull being crushed by John Duffy aka John Marino.

John Duffy aka John Marino was tried, convicted and sentenced to 20 years to life.
Duffy resides in Mid-Orange Prison in New York as of today.

I have written a workbook to help others prepare an appeal to the Divison of Parole to block a parole release of a convicted killer or violent offender.

If you cannot afford to buy a book please contact us at

Proceeds will go to help victims of crime.


Kathleen Connelly-Takats

Jimmy Connelly's sister

The name of the book ..Times Does Not Heal All Wounds - How To Fight a Parole.